lace-up leather & long knits.

zara cardigan (similar here and here) & shoes and h&m pants

been all about this combination of leather pants, a long cardigan, a baggy tee and dainty jewelry.  it's my fall default so i need more variations.  one thing i've been wanting is my septum pierced.  i've been shopping around for nose rings here.  would you sport a septum piercing?  what kind of ring would you wear?  



when your t-shirt and your boots meet.

zara tee (similar here & here)  & shorts, celine audrey sunglasses & chinese laundry riley boots

hello :)  it has been a while but because my hubby and i had nothing else to do today while the kids were in school besides go out and have lunch together (laundry is all done, house is clean, hubby's day off...) i thought i'd take my camera and my new boots out.  if you're like me, with no kind of calves and you have the hardest time finding boots that fit, you might be interested in these :)  i have linked them below the pictures but i linked more similar pairs if you want a better deal or if you want to splurge.  
i bought 2 other pairs before this that just looked ridiculous on me.  and if you have the opposite problem, these would still be great because of the extra stretch on the back half.  


all day.

zara top (find similar here) & shoes, thrifted jeans (a perfect pair here)

my favorite formula: cropped top, mom jeans & mules.  i added the holes and rips today hunching over with scissors and tweezers for about a good hour and a half.  a vacuuming and a tumble in the dryer later, i had to take them out for a test run.  i liked them so much i went to the thrift store to find more potential mom jeans but no luck today.  i actually just got a pair from zara that i haven't worn yet because i'm still debating on whether to have them hemmed to a cropped length or to even just keep them because they were pretty pricey.  but i guess we will all just see...


saturday slippin'.

zara top (love this one), skirt (similar here) & shoes (dream pair here)

now that i've been back to blogging (i guess), i had to kind of create a line-up of my outfits.  i want to try to show my older purchases and/or looks so i don't completely forget about them.  also it helps me put them to more use.
facts i should mention about this look; (minus the shoes) this outfit cost me about $25, i got the top and skirt about 2 months ago (the shoes a few days ago) and this is my version of the 90's style i am obsessed with.      


blue jeans, cream shirt.

zara top, bag & bracelet, levi's jeans, jeffrey campbell shoes and celine sunglasses

wearing everything i love all at once...always fun to do.  and i will apologize in advance for wearing these jeans a lot because i was lucky to find the perfect pair of vintage levi's.  


new silhouette.

zara top, bag & shoes, vintage levi's via urban outfitters
i was geting really bored with the selection of jeans or pants in general for so long, hence the 5% of the time that i'm in pants on this blog (or my Instagram).  i really needed something different in terms of shape or silhouette.  boyfriend jeans a few years ago was a breath of fresh air and is still a fav of mine.  but then the idea of a high-waisted pair of boyfriend jeans i.e. mom jeans was perfect. i could have something to wear with all these cropped tops i can't stop buying.  the only thing is finding the right pair...     

to the minimum.

zara coat, thrifted silk tank top, sam edelman sandals & forever21 jeans 
for the last year or so i've kept a really simple (and greyscale) wardrobe with the exception of denim, camel, a tiny bit of color here and there and even sequins.  it makes dressing up easy but building it, knowing essential pieces is key.  this post features some; a masculine camel coat, a silk tank top and ripped & relaxed denim.  and depending on the occasion or event, i like to make sure it doesn't look overly "comfortable" by adding a sexy and chic pair of shoes.